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Disclaimer: Ozzie Kipnes has no formal training in medicine, psychology or psychiatry and does not diagnose, prescribe, or claim to treat or cure any disease. Reiki should not be seen as a replacement for professional medical care or psychological counseling.  Healing and medicine are two separate disciplines.  Reiki is the art of healing, not the practice of medicine.  Reiki is intended to be a supplement to, and not the substitute for, professional medical care and treatment.  Always seek the advice of a qualified health care professional if you suspect you have a medical condition. Reiki practitioners should never diagnose, perform medical treatment, make any medical claims, offer any guarantees, prescribe remedies, therapies or medications, or interfere with any medical treatment prescribed by a licensed medical professional.  Ozzie is committed to doing her very best to help you (and your pet) and cannot guarantee success.

Reiki is not a psychic reading and is not meant to tell the future or give the impression that it can be used to create specific outcomes in healing or circumstance. 

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