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Kind Words

Kelli Taylor

"Looking to find some peace and relaxation in your mind and body?  Booking a Reiki treatment with Ozzie Kipnes is the perfect way to achieve this for yourself.

I have done numerous treatments with her over the years and every time I leave with a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Each treatment has been a different experience for me while on the table but it always ends with the same result.

I am extremely grateful for Ozzie's guidance, insight, wisdom, gentle energy, and healing hands as she guides me through my treatment.

I highly recommend trying Reiki with Ozzie especially if you are looking for some stress release, working through a difficult time in your life either emotionally or physically or just wanting to experience the magical powers of Reiki with an experienced practitioner".

Kelli Taylor, Registered Acupuncturist, Vancouver BC

Image by Mor Shani

Jessie Richardson

“Wesley has improved so much! He was bit by a cat which had a bacteria and got blood poisoning from the bite. Wesley was not eating and drinking, hooked up to an IV at the vet and given a 25% of survival after the infection turned into Sharpei fever. Ozzie did 4 sessions with Wesley and ensured that he had time to rest. After 3 sessions the vet said Wesley could go home with a 50% chance of survival.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A few more sessions later, Wesley was walking around the block and getting some of his personality back.  The biggest changes in Wesley’s health were felt after these sessions began and as much as his skin still needed to heal he seemed to be back to his old self!

Ozzie was nothing but soothing for the soul."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Jessie Richardson, Hairstylist, Vancouver BC

Image by Daiga Ellaby
Image by Yannic Läderach

Bryanne Roy

"Over the last two years I have been navigating my infertility journey. September 2020, I went through my first round of IVF treatments. My husband and I kept it to our selves, and tried to manage everything without looking for any additional assistance. After our long two week wait we found out it was unsuccessful. We were devastated.

Fast forward to December 2020, we wanted to try a new approach. We had heard about Reiki and it’s benefits towards infertility. We reached out to Ozzie to help with getting my chakras back in alignment with a goal of creating a positive and nurturing environment for my future baby to be!

I worked with Ozzie over the course of a couple of months, pre and post transfer. She has helped me with meditation, clearing my mind and creating a positive environment.

We are happy to say we are currently pregnant and are expecting in September 2021!!

I have nothing but spectacular experiences with Ozzie! The amount of times that our thoughts have synced up, along with her visualizations of my life have been truly astonishing and rewarding.

I would highly suggest anyone looking for a reiki master to consider Mrs. Ozzie Kipnes!"

Bryanne Roy, EMT, Calgary Alberta

Image by Bcny

Cindy Hughes

"My horse had recently joined a new herd and wasn't being welcomed into the fold. He was not being allowed to eat or share shelter with the other horses and was being chased away, kicked and bitten multiple times a day.

Ozzie came to the barn twice to do reiki sessions and there was a huge difference in the herd dynamic after she was done.

Her first session she focused just on my horse. He seemed to zen out and just basically fall asleep while she was working with him.

In her next session she focused on the rest of the herd. Several of the horses chose to stand in a semi circle near her and seemed to completely zone out and absorb the experience. When she left, one slept deeply - and I mean deeply! fully horizontal in the dirt - for hours.

After that final session something shifted, and my horse was allowed to join the others. He is now a happy member of the herd family. I truly recommend Ozzie if you have animals that need some emotional or behavioral help.

She is a miracle worker". 


Cindy Hughes, Lifestyle + Animal Photographer, Sechelt, BC  

Julia Allen

“I was blown away by the change in my cat after Ozzie worked her magic on my new feral cat, Mooncakes.

She went from hiding in a box spring of a bed in my spare room and only coming for food when I wasn’t around, to opening herself to exploring my home during the day and craving my love and affection after just two sessions.

I would recommend Ozzie to anyone who is facing challenges of any kind with their furry friends. Thank you Ozzie!!!”


Julia Allen, Entrepreneur,

Vernon BC

Image by Yerlin Matu

Ingrid Rompa

"Ozzie is an amazing coach. She is an excellent listener and observer. Her drum sessions are very good. They take you on a trip, you have never been before. What I really like about her is her authenticity. She is not afraid to show her own vulnerability, and that encourages me to open up. I learned a lot about myself and my inner strength.

She supported me on my journey in order to let my own light shine and to stop shrinking away and making myself small. I trust and value her a lot.

Thank you Ozzie for being the wonderful person, coach and friend that you are!"


Ingrid Rompa, Journalist/Content writer Burnaby BC

Image by Jay Mantri
Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Cindy Hughes

"Ozzie is a natural born healer who has been helping my dog Gracie navigate the final stages of cancer gracefully. Ozzie has a very unique and special way of connecting with animals and they are noticeably drawn to her and her sparkling kindness.

After a session with Ozzie Gracie is usually spent--in a good way. She sleeps deeply and peacefully and seems to be very content and centered.

Ozzie has been able to relay interesting information to me after each session, and her attunement to what is going on with Gracie physically and emotionally is quite remarkable.

She has been a lifeline of help in what is a very difficult journey.

I would highly recommend Ozzie if your pet is going through something and could use a little extra love, support and balancing. She is present, curious and full of love for animals--basically she's the real deal". 

Cindy Hughes, Lifestyle & Animal Photographer, Sechelt BC  


Meg Heppner

"Ozzie is incredible!!

As a coach she created such a safe and supportive space that I was able to open up and exploring parts of myself that I had never dared explore before!

This allowed me to see myself in ways that where empowering and inspiring - which of course then lead to me showing up in the world as a more loving, accepting and beneficial presence!!

I have found that the things that we have talked about, in particular, our last two sessions, really helped me to accept all of the sides of myself. There were parts of me that I felt needed to be changed and this actually has helped me to see that they are simply a part of who I am and what makes me, me!!

I will forever be grateful to the gift that Ozzie has been in my life!"

Meg Heppner, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist,  Whiterock BC

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