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The Benefits

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Reiki is for the mind, body and soul. 

Reiki can bring relaxation to those mom's, entrepreneurs, dynamic women who are burning the candle at both ends.


Reiki is ideal for those women desiring to give themselves, what I like to call, 'a time out to just breathe'.  When the body is relaxed, it can get to the theta state (a deeply relaxed state of mind) where healing can begin to take place. 


Offering relief from stress, anxiety and depression.  It can help strengthen the immune system, prepare one for surgery, post surgery, injury, and releasing blockages in the chakras, helps digestive issues, pre-natal care, and fertility treatments as well as assisting in goal manifestation and clarity. 


Get ready to let go of old beliefs, change patterns and get reacquainted with your soul.

Reiki for kids and teens

Children and teens are like a sponge and respond quickly to Reiki's gentle healing energy both in person and remotely. 


Reiki is ideal for all ages and has been known to assist kids and teens who could use a little extra help ADD/ADHD, Defiance Disorder, irritability, emotional challenges, and health issues. 

Some of the benefits experienced may be improved concentration and stress reduction.  Reiki sessions do not interact with medications.


Let's work together to help guide your child to their highest potential. 


Animals love Reiki too. 

I take a "no touch" approach and offer this gentle healing energy both in person and remotely.  My clients have experienced their animals changing their behavior, sharing their desires, healing their bodies, become more trusting and relaxed. 

The effects of Reiki may not be felt/seen overnight for some, and each session is different for each animal.  Many times, more than one session is required to get the desired outcome.  Most importantly, they get to lead, they get to choose or decline the sessions, and end it when they feel complete.  


Dogs, cats and horses, continue to be the majority of the types of animals I am privileged to work with either in person or remotely.  

"the best things in life, are furry"

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